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Тъжната русалка/ The Sad Mermaid / Лунният град/ The City of the Moon

Тъжната русалка

От океана вечен на дома,
където ме прегръща красотата,
излязох босонога, няма и сама,
с ръце протегнати към любовта.

А под мене счупени стъкла,
нозете силно разранили,
остри, парещи, кървящи рани
на безнадеждността
в свят нерадостен без....

принцове и без принцеси,
залутани деца по тъжната
земя...тъгува тя в скръбта
по своите чеда без даровете
царски обвити в красота.

The Sad Mermaid

From the ocean of eternal home of mine
where beauty tenderly embraces me,
I got out speechless and alone
with hands stretched out
to meet love and the world around.

And pieces of broken glass
cut my bare feet. Sharp and bleeding
the wounds gаve ме a pain
of hopelessness and need
in a world so cruel and so mean…

A kingdom without princesses and princes ―
lost descendants on the earth in grief,
in misery it suffers for its children
robbed of their gifts ― the king’s ones,
covered in an honorable beauty.

The City of the Moon

Against the dark-blue color of the sky,
against the grey color of the city,
and the yellow houses
and its quiet park,
coldly flashing lights
of moons are flowing
into the night……

Shafts of lights from lifeless eyes
madly staring into the darkness;
rows of cars incessantly moving –
all anxious, trailing, wailing sadly,
driving badly along the road –
crashed for where?

All of a sudden, the creak of a brake:
doubts again ― slowing down
stops a car as if to ask,
‘ What to do?’
Another one slows the speed:
‘ What direction?’

The shafts of light cutting the darkness
seem to speak of sadness in this night.
Now let's turn again – this time
in circle all magic – One of the cars

gets moving – fast
speeding along the road
under the sky, under the stars,
under the moon watching the cars silently –
how they are moving,
staring madly into the sky ,
in vicious circle all get moving.

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