понеделник, 5 март 2012 г.

Translated poetry

Тhe Prince
by Rumyana Russeva

Inspired by Louis Jacolliot’s novel “The Prince Pirate”*

They spoke he was
as wicked as a beast,
chased away from his homeland.
He sank ships,
threatened others with letters…

So that nobody could say,
‘ We should stop this disaster,
and forbid him to fight our Master.’

But one day… he was captured.
And was put in a tall and narrow tower,
where only ghosts sought for
directions in solitary nights.

And lo! A white-haired old man of wisdom
came peacefully to him,
‘My son, I was expecting you to come.
Stand up and your courage show me!

I know all your deeds while
waiting here for so many years.
And I have prayed in the silent night
in the tower under starry skies.’

The boy threw a nasty look
and swore at him.
Then he was stunned and silenced
as he saw the Teacher – a real sage,
who was teaching him in light,
to fight the fear in his life.

The pirate, hearing his name imagined,
shrouded himself in shiny clothes all black.
And then daringly laughed in his distrust –
Who was to follow him in the darkness
after such an outcast ?!

Was the crowd that admired him?
In a disorder it was running here, there
in a crazy dance,
trying to compete
who will become a violent leader,
waiting to destroy one’s deeds,
his anger merciless to get released.

But did anybody know that
in the tower of the eternal growth
a man of wisdom had humbly
called the one who hated the world,
“his own son”?

And mildly with a stable mind
he led him to enlightenment,
in the light of noble works,
without cruel fight.

Once, the prince was wakened in the boy,
and he felt a fire burning light.
Throbbing with the flame of love,
his heart opened with a cry.

‘ I am a prince ‘, the young man became aware,
‘A loyal son of Heavenly Father.
And I shall not allow troubles of the soul,
if I set off on the road to lead the crowd in a storm
against the darkness in the world forlon.’

*Louis Jacolliot – a French writer of adventurous novels from 19 th c.